I began teaching the piano and violin while studying at the Royal Academy of Music (1985-1988) with Professors: Clarence Myerscough (violin) and Antonietta Notariello (piano) where I got my teaching Diplomas for both instruments. I then went on and received a Professional Certificate for the violin. During this time I realised that teaching piano and violin was what I really wanted to do and I have taught a variety of people since then.


I have always enjoyed composing my own music and over the years have written many pieces of music for piano, violin and other. I have played keyboards in a couple of bands, which I love doing and hope to do again in the near future. I also enjoy home recording in various styles using Cubase software.  I am currently playing fiddle in two different folk groups and at a few local sessions - also great fun!


During the last couple of years I have helped two friends to notate their own compositions into books, using Sibelius software :

101 Creations (co-written folk book) by Kevin Davis, Sandy Davis and Heidi Body

Hammondonium (guitar) by John Hammond


I have written two easy levels of Christmas Carol books and this year I am finalising my own piano book - 35 Inspirations for Piano. After this, I shall be putting together a book of folk tunes which I have written over the years.


I am open to using my musical skills and knowledge in different ways, so if you're looking to do something a little unusual and finding it difficult to find help, please ask, as I will always consider any requests.